Like most medical conditions, allergies can also be tamed with a visit to a chiropractor. When a chiropractor realigns the spine, he allows the spinal cord to properly send messages throughout the rest of the body using the nervous system. Studies have shown that the nervous system is tied to the immune system, so when nerve interference is removed, the immune system can operate at peak performance.

When the immune system is not operating property, it can fail to recognize and remove actual harmful substances, and it can mistake harmless substances as being dangerous, thereby overreacting to allergens. It is also unable to fight infections properly. Traditional allergy treatments only address the symptoms of allergic reactions, but when chiropractors relieve the stress on the nervous system, the body can effectively neutralize allergens in the body, which means you can breathe easy once again.

What chiropractors do is open up the joint spaces in the spine where the nerve passes. This puts less pressure on the nerves that go to the lungs and allows a person to breath easier. Over time the person’s body will take on this new change and the severity of the allergy attacks would be greatly diminished.

Not everyone will get better with these treatments and sometimes medical intervention will be necessary to help relieve people with allergy symptoms.

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