We perform a variety of chiropractic adjustments, offer extensive physical and massage therapy, evaluate many health conditions and provide counseling to our patients.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Spinal manipulation has many benefits ranging from immediate pain relief to long term wellness and preventive care. Pain in these areas usually involves joint dysfunction and taking pain medication only masks the problem. Muscle relaxers may work initially, but the problem can still persist and get worse over time. Surgery in these areas is very costly and has low success rates. With a chiropractic approach, improvement in symptoms can be almost immediate depending on duration of the initial problem.

We have multiple techniques that work with your individual needs such as low force techniques that accommodate kids and senior citizens. top

Neck, Back, Hip, Elbow and Wrist Adjustment

Who would benefit the most? Patients in pain can find comfort and some immediate relief. If you have shooting, stabbing, achy or pressure-like pain you can greatly benefit from this treatment. This is also very helpful for patients with numbness or tingling in these areas. top

Shoulder Adjustment

Who would benefit the most? Patients who lost their full range of motion in the shoulder could see dramatic improvements. This type of an adjustment has been very helpful to individuals who play golf, tennis or swim. It is also very helpful for patients with a frozen shoulder and rotator cuff problems. top

Knee and Ankle Adjustment

Who would benefit the most? We have seen a lot of success with patients whose feet hurt after walking or running for short distances. top

Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy is very effective with correcting impairment and disabilities. It is used to promote mobility, function and quality of life through physical intervention. top

Ultrasound Therapy

Therapeutic ultrasound helps stimulate healing. It is an effective option for tendinitis and bursitis. The therapy is performed with a wand device that creates sound waves and directs them into your body. This process produces heat in your deep muscle tissue. The therapy relaxes the area, increases blood circulation in that region and even helps with scar tissue removal. top

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

EMS helps to remove tight muscle spasms and decreases pain in problem areas. Electric Muscle Stimulation sends safe, low frequency electrical pulses to the effected area. This causes muscles to contract, which increases temperature and blood flow. This therapy utilizes the body’s natural healing mechanism to resolve the underlining problem. top

Pettibon Neck Traction

Performed as an exercise to help increase the curve in the neck which is usually lost due to muscle spams. This therapy gently stretches the sensitive tissues of the cervical spine. top

Therapeutic Exercises

These exercises are performed and taught in the office to help strengthen and stabilize problem areas. An exercise program will be provided and explained for the patient to do at home. top

Low Back Decompression

This involves a special table that helps restore function to the lower back. Used primarily for disc herniation and sciatica-like problems. top

Massage Therapy

Massage has been used for thousands of years as a healing tool and does more than just relax your mind and body.  It is best utilized as a preventative, frequent therapy and not simply a luxury. top

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Enjoy the popular full body Swedish relaxation massage that uses light to moderate pressure combinations of both long/gliding and kneading strokes to soothe aching muscles and relieve stress and tension. top

Deep Tissue Massage

For active individuals who require therapeutic treatments on specific muscle groups. The powerful Deep Tissue massage uses deep, deliberate strokes and compression to separate and lengthen muscle fibers throughout the body to relieve pain and release tight muscles. top

Hot Stone Massage

Pamper yourself with this light to moderate pressure massage, combining 25% traditional therapeutic massage techniques with 75% healing power of warm smooth basalt stones applied with massage oil — a wonderfully soothing 80 minute treatment.  This luxurious treatment promotes deep relaxation and provides you with a sense of calmness.   Best for fibromyalgia pain, arthritis, or simply as the ultimate experience in relaxation. top

Foot Scrub Therapy

Relax as we wrap your feet in warm towels and gently stretch and compress your feet.  Then receive a stimulating exfoliation foot scrub followed by a hydrating foot cream applied with a full deep foot massage. top


Your choice of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Peppermint to calm the nerves, promote physical and emotional health, lift the spirits or even energize your body.  Eucalyptus relieves sinus problems, congestion, joint and muscle pain, and mental fatigue. Lavender, for its calming and relaxing effects and Peppermint to increase mental alertness. top

Peppermint Scalp Massage

Provides deep relaxation, eases headaches, stimulates the scalp, releases tension, and calms, soothes and enhances your well-being.  Cools your mind too! top

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